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At New Hope Church, we make it our Mission to live up to the Great Command (Matthew 22:37-40) and live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Our leadership is committed to follow the example of Christ, putting people first and tailoring the use of our gifts and resources to serve others. You’ll find that the leadership of New Hope is committed to a common desire to:   “Welcome all, exclude none, and be Christ to another in every sincere way.”


Rev. Daniel Sewell
Dan and His wife, Karen grew up in the Reformed Church and met as campers at Cran-Hill Ranch while in High School. They began their ministry with Young Life before coming to serve at here in 1989.
Rindt Jones
Music & Worship Team Leader
Rindt has an extremely wide background in all sorts of music styles. He enjoys arranging both traditional and contemporary music to enhance the worship experience here at New Hope.
Kristy Jones
Office Coordinator
Kristy is our office coordinator and is also a vital part of our leadership Team here at New Hope.
Patty Rogalski
Facilities Team Leader
Patty coordinates a team of volunteers to who keep
our facility clean make our environment welcoming
each week.
Joan Hyatt
Prayer Chain Coordinator
As leader of our Prayer Chain, Joan receives and shares prayer requests, updates, and inspirational passages with team members via telephone and email.
Vicky Ward
Coffee Team Leader
Lyn makes sure that there is always fresh coffee, refreshments, and snacks available whenever we welcome people to our building.  The coffee team often hosts additional fellowship events as they use their servicing gifts in this way.
Mark and Lenna Pauley
Hospitality Team Leaders
Mark and Lenna oversee our hospitality ministry here at New Hope. It is their goal to make people feel welcome even before they come in the door and all the way through until they leave for home.
Lorraine Klingensmith
Sunday School Superintendant
Lorraine has oversight for the kids Sunday School classes and programs here at New Hope. She coordinates our staff of dedicated teachers and keeps the energy level high to make it the best experience possible for the kids God brings here.
Tim Louis
Tech/AV Team Leader
Tim keeps us up to date and finds the best ways possible to make technology work to assist us in making Christ known and His Message clear. How behind the scenes work makes a big difference here.
Missions Team Leader
Team Leader
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