Some will remember when New Hope was housed in a smaller building 9 blocks east of our current location. For years, we attempted to do meaningful,outward focused ministry from a location that was too small to grow in, and lacked adequate restrooms and accessibility.  Led by God and proceeding in prayer, we began the daunting  process identifying a new location that would better fit our vision.

As an act of faith, we first sold our building and then identified the best alternative, which was the former Arhaus furniture store, located at 22960 Lorain Road on the Fairview/North Olmsted border. It had been vacant for 6 years, and the owners were willing to sell this substantial property below value. The day before we were about to make a formal offer, another business sent in a letter of intent and their offer was accepted. We were quite deflated, because we had become convinced that this was the right

This was a major disappointment, and so our congregation decided to covenant together to spend 40 days in very intentional prayer and some type of fasting, asking that God would reveal His direction to us. Around the end of October 2011, the realtor for the Arhaus management informed us that the other deal had fallen through and the property was available again. Having re-affirmed our earlier conviction that we had indeed identified the correct option for our relocation efforts, we were able to convince the owners to accept a very low sale price. The final purchase agreement was signed on the 40th day of our prayer covenant. No one doubted God’s hand had guided us in all of this, and had merely used the delay to further lower the price and

demonstrate his provision in the midst of prayer.


With God’s guidance, we had converted ownership of an obsolete 9,000 square foot facility into debt-free ownership of a highly visible property with nearly 21,000 square feet. Our next challenge was to convert a former commercial space into a “people friendly” space that takes into account that the people are the Church, rather than the building in which they worship.We wanted create a headquarters for a ministry that best served the community around us, as well as house a vibrant worship and a variety of discipleship options.
Our first goal after the purchase of the property was to provide space free of charge to house the Fairview Park Hunger Center, which is a food bank solely owned and operated in cooperation with other local churches. We temporarily housed them in a comfortable and accessible portion of our space in February of 2012 while we designing and building them a more permanent quarters in a nearby section. We created a dedicated entrance and large window to welcome clients, and provided a spacious storeroom to process and store food donations. The FPHC currently serves upwards of 200 clients each month, and continues to grow in service to the outlying community.
The next step was to gut and re-purpose the rest of the space for our various uses. We conduced an extensive HVAC, electrical, and plumbing overhaul, and begin the process of moving or building thousands of square feet of new walls with both fire and sound containment capabilities.
We chose excellent sub-contractors we chose to assist us in critical technical, while doing much of the remodeling “in-house” with volunteers from with our congregation and with help from others.
The following is a montage of projects from HVAC,wiring and lighting, to installing and elevator. We did as much as possible to use re-purposed wood and materials to economize in expense without degrading the finished product . We began Worshipping in the our new facility in October of 2013, even as we were finishing other sections of the building. The final major phase of construction is our lower level kitchen, which we are just putting the finishing touches on this spring (2016).

Some people mistake the frontage on Lorain road as a “storefront.” Using that terminology, we are the whole store. This is a larger, up to date, people friendly Church facility that is ready and willing to serve the community, and to serve you.

We house many community functions beyond just what serves us. It is our calling to use what God has blessed us with in the best ways possible to serve Christ by serving others.

Our Worship Center Ready to Welcome Guests

If you would like to see more of what our facility has to offer, please click the “Take a Tour” link .